Dust monitoring with AirSafe - Case Study


Courtesy of ENVEA


A producer of building materials manufactures adhesives for fl oor tiles. As a part of the production process powder is transported through pipes from one production site to another. The pipes lead through production facilities and rooms which are diffi cult to control because of their vast extent.

In the past several leakages in the pipework caused the discharge of aggressive material. Through this leakages great parts of the production facilities were polluted and damaged. The operator of the facility wants to avoid those incidents in the future and detect leakages in the pipework in the earliest possible stage.

Process data

  • Costumer: Producer of building materials (Germany)
  • Material: Powder
  • Installation location: Unmonitored parts of production facility
  • Function: Control of conveying pipes in unmonitored parts of the production plant. Protection of facility.


The AirSafe monitors the dust concentration in ambient air, for example in control system areas, silo areas, boiler houses or work stations.

In the mentioned application several AirSafes monitor the dust concentration in the ambient air. In case of a leakage the system is shut down by the AirSafe signal, to avoid damages.

Beneath the use in the area of employee protection or the protection of Ex areas, the area of facility and building protection is another typical application where the AirSafe is used.

Customer Benefit

  • Easy plant stop without time delay
  • Ensurance of plant security and prevention of plant damages

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