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Dust Suppression With Gravelpave2


Courtesy of Invisible Structures, Inc.

Use of Gravelpave2 for pavement surfaces to restrict dust is a very viable suggestion, provided careful selection of the fine gravel fill is followed. Dust from gravel surfaces is created when vehicles pass over the surface - greater speed = greater dust and higher into air. Most gravel surfaces will have a wide range of particle sizes - from 1' to <200 screen (clay and silt sizes) or 'dust'. As tires pass over the surface, air is compressed below and adjacent to the tire, blowing the dust away from the tire and lifting it away from the surface. Then vehicle aerodynamics come into play to lift the airborne dust higher and faster away from the surface, creating a dust cloud.

This action is eliminated (minimized over time) when a 'washed gravel', which is free of fines, is used at the pavement surface. However, one function of the fines is too help stabilize the larger aggregate and prevent migration. With washed gravel, our Gravelpave2 rings, grid and mesh/fabric act to provide this stabilization action, and eliminate any lateral migration. Dust sized particles contained within the base material (existing gravel surface or dirt), will be 1' below the Gravelpave2 surface, and nearly impossible to extract by moving tire or wind forces.

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