Dusty monitors quality of pressing tools - Case Study


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A manufacturer of food supplements produces tablets with different ingredients mechanically via pressing tools. The pressing tools eventually wear down during production. As the tools wear down there is an increase of dust particles created in the exhaust air of the machines.

In this application our customer wants to measure the dust content in the exhaust air of the pressing machine continuously and thereby draw a conclusion on the state of the pressing tool. The used dust monitor should generate an alarm when a predefi ned limit value, which means a predefi ned dust level, is exceeded.

This alarm can initiate a shut down of the machine and allow the facility maintenance team to assess the condition of the pressing tool.

Process data

Customer: Sanotact GmbH, Münster (Germany)
Product: Magnesium powder
Quantity: 20 mg/m3
Installation place: Exhaust air duct of a tablet pressing machine
Function: Monitoring of dust content in exhaust air of a tablet pressing machine


The Dusty monitors exhaust gas for fi lter breaks reliably and effi ciently. It is used in metal channels, where dust particles are to be detected in fl owing gas. In this application the Dusty monitors the exhaust air of a tablet press. Through the monitoring of the exhaust air a direct reference to the quality of the pressing tool can be established. The increased wear on the tool will result in the increase of dust generation. The Dusty detects this dust formation and generates an alarm. Thereby the production process can be stopped promptly to perform necessary maintenance measures.

Customer Benefit

  • easy monitoring of maintenance cycles
  • easy quality monitoring
  • saving of time and material

Customer comments

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