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Dye wastewater treatment by using ceramic membrane bioreactor

Performance of a Micro-filtration Membrane Bioreactor (MMBR) for treatment of dye wastewater was investigated. The experimental results indicated that the removal efficiency for COD, TOC and colour was 85%, 85-90% and 70%, respectively, the effluent COD was below 70 mgl−1 on average. Gel layer resistance of COD was 10%. Particle size distribution of sludge in MMBR was 1-150 μm, and the average particle diameter was 20-40 ?m. The activity of dehydrogenase of activated sludge in MMBR was 36-42 mgTTC (gVSS) −1h−1, while active dehydrogenase enzyme content was 7.95 mgVSS−1.

Keywords: MMBR, micro-filtration membrane bioreactors, dye wastewater, active enzyme, activated sludge, ceramic membrane bioreactors, wastewater treatment

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