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Dynamic Data-Based Interaction Model

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A potentially useful environmental model is introduced in this study in support of robust resource management. The concept builds on the principles of dynamic databasing and ocean sciences, and is thus suited to complement weak areas identified of CRM-type models, particularly, the fundamental problem of data handling and quality control. An application is outlined for Malalag Bay , Davao del Sur , Philippines where resource conflict has been instigated by the crowding of competing passive fish gears. The problem offers the golden opportunity to demonstrate the sound analysis and resolution possible from the systematically implemented integrated methodology. Model implementation is found simple but scientific, efficient, and cost-effective. Outright, the findings describe unequivocally the bay as conditionally suitable for mariculture, such that concrete policy recommendations are made available.

This study delivers significant outputs along with progressive ideas. A Recipe of Procedures and the Pens and Cages software back the model's commitment to make its technology useable by a wide range of beneficiaries. Among other seminal ideas, oceanography is rationalized as the proper background science of CRM. A new simplified oceanographic definition is thus offered of resource management.

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