EA Framework Loggers


Courtesy of Isodaq Technology - Hydro-Logic Group

Isodaq Telemetry Data LoggersHydro-Logic have supplied Isodaq data loggers to the EA under a National Framework Contract since 2001. A new framework contract was advertised under EU OJEC competition law to combine the supply of data loggers and telemetry outstations for hydrometric applications. Hydro-Logic was appointed as one of 7 chosen tenderers for supply of both the VF and Hawk range.

The Hawk range was selected because of its flexibility for a variety of applications:

  • Choice of PSTN, GSM and Satellite modems
  • Integrated with EA's existing top-end telemetry servers using the DNP3 protocols
  • Flexible configuration for virtually any analogue or digital input channel including shaft-encoders, depth pressure sensors, tipping-bucket raingauges plus SDI-12 smart sensor.

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