Ease the Pain of Hazmat Regulatory Compliance

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Did you know that OSHA considers a brick a hazardous material if is cut or sawed during construction? And that a highway patrol officer enforcing Department of Transportation regulations considers over-the-counter primer a flammable liquid? Hazardous materials aren't always visible to the untrained eye, yet they are present at just about every construction site in the United States.

OSHA, the Environmental Protection Agency, DOT, and a virtual alphabet soup of state and regional agencies regulate the storage, use, and transportation of hazardous material products. If there's a chance that an employee may be exposed to any type of hazardous material, OSHA's Hazard Communication regulations mandate a written HazCom plan, including a full inventory of hazardous materials, employee training, and immediate availability of Material Safety Data Sheets for each hazardous product--including that brick.

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