Easing airport and neighbour relations for decades - Airport operators are under constant pressure


Their situation combines noisy aircraft with population centres, requiring a continual balance between the happiness of their neighbours and their operations.

Meanwhile, across many of the 250 airports we service today - including London Heathrow, Los Angeles and Copenhagen - aircraft operations have tripled in the last 30 years, keeping noise constantly on the agenda.

So the industry has evolved the way they manage noise. Today, noise levels are automatically measured every 500 milliseconds at distances many kilometres away from the airport, using Brüel & Kjær systems. This is merged with other data which shows which aircraft are flying where and what noise levels they make.

Progressing from simple measurement and reporting, airports now also control which aircraft fly and where - and work to engage their local communities. In 2004, Oakland Airport in California became the first in the world to use our WebTrak website to display current and historical flights online to the community.

Commencing in 2009, airports could avoid the technical business of noise monitoring altogether, freeing them up for their core business by trusting us to do the same. Noise Office - a subscription service where we operate systems and deliver reports and outcomes - means airport operators can obtain comprehensive data and no longer need to invest in equipment or train staff on monitoring systems.

We have always been trying to help mitigate airport impact. Since the first ‘portable’ monitoring systems, like those used at Zürich airport in 1957, Brüel & Kjær has driven innovations that can advance airport noise monitoring capabilities - like outdoor microphones. These led to the first permanent airport noise monitoring systems at Oslo and Toulouse Airports in 1966.

Now, as then, we are proud to be helping to manage operations and support sustainable development planning, safeguarding the future operation of airports by maintaining effective relationships with the surrounding community.

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