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Easy Access to Environmental Classroom / Workshop Training to Expedite Goals and Reduce your Budget

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Professional, Personal, Interactive, Learning Environment – Bringing the Classroom to You

A dynamic growth area in the United States is coming from the telecommunications industry. It is becoming increasingly apparent that communications need to become more integrated and seamless. Utilizing internet and multimedia training clearly provides many benefits.

•  Instructional effectiveness with the ability to interact not only with the instructor, but the entire class that routinely shares experiences and real life situations. You can engage in active conversations that make you realize “hey, someone else has the same issue!” Keeping the HUMAN factor alive as a key ingredient to the training.

•  Bringing classrooms to you can be the solution to many dilemmas of not enough time, expensive travel arrangements, getting the necessary training completed when you desperately need it, reaching more people, more frequently with a drastic reduction in cost.

Imagine for a moment, 100 people in 30 locations who need specific 3 day classroom training. To keep the numbers real, let's say on average the tangible travel costs per student is $3,000. each. The cost for putting on the event, developing the course materials, and the instructor was $15,000. for each offering. Typically there would be 3 offerings. – I was not a math major, but that works out to be $350,000. in tangible costs for one class given 3 times!

What if we could do it ALL for about $10,000. or less? Well, that explains why engaging in the highest quality state of the art on-line training is the wave of the future…but we can jump on board right now. Some major private companies have experienced significant cost savings with an increase in training quality and effectiveness, Oracle has documented savings of over $47 million globally – THE FIRST YEAR!

A few other advantages to this world class training methodology:

  • You can record and playback sessions on demand to enable replay for learning at your own pace or for a refresher course.
  • You can have side conversations and perform small group activities.
  • As an instructor you can walk around the room so to speak and see how individual groups are doing.
  • You or your students do not have to invest in any type of expensive software, hardware installations or special set-ups.
  • You can eliminate the need to have printed materials for the course by having them available on the web…plus make information available to students to view and familiarize themselves with prior to the course.
  • Demonstrate techniques, utilize power point presentations, conduct question and answer sessions, update regulatory compliance issues, roll out new initiatives, all in conjunction with your training.

Training individuals to perform their jobs is something that we all must take very seriously, and it is time to re-evaluate how to get this accomplished efficiently and economically to provide a win-win situation.

Change is the prelude to growing into something greater than has ever been before. We have before us an opportunity to be a catalyst for change in bringing more value and effective solutions to our training dilemmas.

“A mind once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

For additional information and an opportunity to join a team of masterminds to pull this program together to see what's possible…please send me an e-mail,

Ivan Cekov
P2 Director
PH: 805-982-1854

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