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Easy Degreasing of Oil Drums with Pressure Washer Degreaser


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Proper functioning of large industrial machinery often demands the use of huge volumes of oil to grease the joints and other parts of the machinery. The oil used for various purposes in industrial settings is usually stored in oil drums. Once the oil has been used, the drums have to be efficiently cleaned and degreased before refilling oil. Now, this cleaning process is not an easy one if you plan to complete it using brushes, degreasing chemicals, detergents, and water. The cleaning process can also be extremely strenuous and time-consuming. Thankfully, the launch of pressure washer degreaser machines has wonderfully simplified such degreasing tasks.

Degreasing Made Easy
Cleaning off tough deposits of grease in oil drums armed with just brushes and cleaning chemicals is an outdated technique that demanded lots of effort from users. The most obvious advantage of using pressure washer degreaser machines is that it demands very little effort from users. These power washers combine high temperatures, high flow rates, and adequate pressure levels designed to offer superior degreasing results. Users simply have to direct the hot water or steam on oily surfaces and the oil deposits will be dissolved and washed off quickly and effectively.

It is important to note that cold water power cleaners are not suitable for use as pressure washer degreaser machines. When cold water falls on oily or greasy surfaces, the deposits immediately harden into thick clumps. It can be extremely difficult to clean off these waxy clumps from oil drums. Utilizing steam or hot water can make a lot of difference to the degreasing process.

Hot water or steam generated by pressure washer systems dissolves oil particles faster than the best degreasing chemicals. Unlike degreaser chemicals that can pose a threat to the natural environment, steam or hot water is a completely eco-friendly cleaning option. Steam from electric heated pressure washers is also ideal for daily use since steam does not expose users to any health risks the way chemicals do.

High Temperatures for Effective Degreasing
The best industrial equipment degreasing machines attain hot water temperatures as high as 210ºF to ensure proper degreasing of oil drums. If you opt for steam pressure washing equipment, the oil deposits can be easily eliminated with steam temperatures up to 330ºF. The high-grade heating elements in top-grade mobile pressure washers ensure the ejection of steam or hot water at consistently high temperatures across extended periods of use. In addition to maintaining oil drums, electric heated pressure washers are also great for degreasing various surfaces in oil rigs, food processing industries, and automobile industries.

Industrial equipment degreasing machines from leading distributors come with flow rates of 2.5 gpm, pressure levels of 1000 psi, and tri-mode capabilities. The inclusion of unique technologies makes mobile pressure washers ideal for other applications, such as chewing gum removal, as well. Most importantly, these power wash systems adhere to international safety guideline and are thus safe for use in all settings.

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