Easy on-site maintenance


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Quality materials, NINE LIVES performance and easy maintenance have been the primary focus in the design and manufacture of CAT PUMPS triplex, high pressure pumps. From our very first piston pump to our present day plunger pumps, easy maintenance has been a priority. CAT PUMPS uncomplicated design permits easy on-site maintenance.

Piston Pumps

Our patented sleeved-piston rod in our triplex piston pumps was a significant design feature leading to our early success. This exclusive stepped piston rod with a sleeve at the end of the piston rod eliminates the need to enter the crankcase to replace a scored piston rod. The sleeve at the end of the piston rod serves as the wear surface for the Lo-Pressure Seals, eliminates the need for the piston rod replacement, drastically reduces the cost of service and improves the ease of maintenance. Because there is no need to enter the crankcase, on-site maintenance of the seals and o-rings can be completed in 15 minutes, using only standard tools.

Plunger Pumps

With increasing demands for higher pressures, CAT PUMPS introduced our plunger pump models. The plunger pumps are designed with snap-together valve assemblies and seal assemblies contained by seal cases or packing cylinders for easy maintenance. By unthreading a valve plug or unbolting a valve block, valves can easily be replaced. A worn valve assembly can be pulled out of the manifold chamber and the new valve assembly quickly pressed into place with standard pliers. Pre-assembled valve kits are available for each pump model to assure the correct assembly of parts and easy on-site maintenance.

Our recommended pump installation calls for flexible hose to the pump inlet and from the pump discharge to isolate the pump from hard plumbing. Using this flexible hose permits easy maintenance. By quickly removing the hose at the discharge of the pump you gain easy access to servicing the liquid-end, internal components. On-site, using a standard socket wrench, the pump head or discharge/inlet manifolds can be quickly unbolted for seal servicing. Inside the head or discharge/inlet manifolds are seal or packing assemblies contained by seal cases or cylinders. These can be quickly and easily removed by hand, with standard reverse pliers or carefully with a pair of flat head screwdrivers. Parts easily stack or nest into the valve chamber or packing cylinder for quick assembly. Installing the 'V' groove or the spring towards the liquid-end will assure the correct direction for re-assembly. Convenient pre-packaged Seal Kits for each pump model assure the correct parts are replaced for easy on-site maintenance at your scheduled service intervals.

Technical Support

Each CAT PUMP is supported with a Data Sheet showing the exploded view and order of parts. Each pump or Frame group of pumps has a Service Manual with photos showing the disassembly and re-assembly of the pump with recommended assembly procedures, tools, torque requirements and a diagnosis and maintenance guide. This Service Manual should be stored at the pump site or with service parts for easy reference. Some models also have a service DVD for more detailed servicing instructions. On-line under Service and FAQ are answers to a number of common questions concerning pumps and pumping systems to further support your maintenance program. You may also use our Ask a Question for a direct reply to your specific system question.

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