Easy To Integrate: Dezentralised Treatment Of Process Water


Courtesy of EnviroChemie GmbH

Technical processing systems are some of the most complex industrial plants in existence. In the petrochemical industry, lor example, a great number of chemical products can be manufactured from crude oil and natural gas as a result of chemical-physical processes using such systems. They are designed by special companies, such as the Engineering Division of Linde AG, which having installed over 4.000 plants is one of the leading manufacturers in this area worldwide. The company has more than 1.000 in-house process engineering patents at its disposal when constructing plants, and where necessary, can also rely on external expertise from EnviroChemie, for example. Linde has already built three plants in Italy. Venezuela and the Netherlands, which make use of the EnviModul modular construction system for the treatment of process water.

In order to be able to achieve the highest quality standards, it is not necessary that we perfect every single detail of the process steps ourselves. In some cases, it makes sense to buy in expertise', said Thomas Kohler, Project Manager Hydrogen and Synthesis Gas Plants at Linde.

Flexible Modular System
EnviModul is a modular plant system for the decentralized treatment of process water and wastewater. 'Using this modular system, we can react flexibly to the specifications of individual plants, according to the purpose for which the process water is being treated', explained Michael Kuhn. product manager at EnviroChemie. This is because the individual EnviModules can be combined: As a result, they connect different treatment steps. When producing clean water for hydrogen plants, for example, filtration and reverse osmosis processes are being used. They can also handle variable capacity requirements.

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