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Easy upgrade of cable recycling equipment

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The family-owned company Metallurgica Vigevanese S.R.L. is one of the largest and most important recyclers of cable in Italy. In 2003, the Azzini family acquired their first Eldan Recycling plant. Since then business has been very good, and they found themselves facing a pleasant problem; they needed to upgrade their plant - in both quality and capacity. At the end of 2010 they took the decision to purchase new Eldan recycling equipment.

Today, Metallurgica Vigevanese is owned by twin brothers Paolo and Mauro Azzini, and cousins Claudia and Fabrizio Azzini.

Getting into cable recycling
Metallurgica Vigevanese first got into cable recycling in 1990, when they acquired a cable recycling plant from an Italian manufacturer. This, their first cable recycling plant had a decent capacity and at a good price - a good way of getting into the industry. Processing however, did not go as smoothly as they had hoped. “We had a lot of problems with this equipment. The shredder had double shafts, and these broke many times. It was also very complicated to maintain and run”, says Paolo Azzini, one of the owners of Metallurgica Vigevanese. This equipment was capable of processing about 100 kg waste cable per production hour.

Even though their equipment was not what they had hoped for, business was booming. Within a few years they were getting more enquiries than they could handle, and so decided to increase production capacity. “We would have preferred to go with an Italian brand, but we were recommended a French manufacturer that we'd heard good things about. From that manufacturer we purchased some second-hand equipment that could process about 1,2 ton scrap cable per production hour,” comments Mauro Azzini, one of the owners of Metallurgica Vigevanese.

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