EC`s annual policy strategy for 2009


Courtesy of European Commission

2009 will be an important year for the European Union. It will bring a new European Parliament and a new European Commission. Depending on the completion of national ratification processes, 2009 should also see the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon. With a stable institutional framework in place, the Union will be able to concentrate on addressing the concrete challenges ahead – such as promoting sustainable growth and jobs in the age of globalisation and galvanising Europe's transition to a low-emissions and resource-efficient economy.

This Annual Policy Strategy presents the priorities for the last year of the current Commission's mandate. The strategic objectives defined by the Commission at the start of its mandate – promoting prosperity, solidarity, freedom and security, and a stronger Europe in the world – remain the core direction for the Commission's work. Since coming into office, the Commission has delivered major initiatives to meet these objectives, to move the European agenda forward and to confirm the EU's role in our globalised world.

Given the institutional changes to come in 2009, the Commission will have tabled most of its major outstanding legislative initiatives in 2008. In 2009, the Commission will work closely with Council and Parliament to reach agreement on the most important pending proposals.

It will focus on making sure the acquis is being properly implemented in line with the new approach agreed in September 2007. And it will ensure that the financial programmes agreed for the period 2007-2013 are managed effectively and efficiently and that financial programmes relating to the 2000-2006 period are brought to a successful closure, in full accordance with the principles of sound financial management.

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