ECHA publishes decisions on the evaluation of registration dossier


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ECHA enhancing the transparency of its assessments.

To increase the transparency of its decisions, ECHA has decided to publish the not confidential versions of all the evaluation dossier decisions of registration on its own web site.  

The ECHA website will also have a search feature dedicated to users to find the evaluation decisions on the dossiers of interest.  The search can be made on the basis of various data such as the number of the decision, the date, the name of the substance, the EC or CAS number when they are public. Personal registrant data, as the information indicated as “confidential” won’t be published.
Decisions will be released only after the ECHA has contacted the owners of the registrant dossier and will be available only in their original language. Till today 70 decisions have been published.  

What is the goal of ECHA?

Through the publication of evaluation decisions of the dossier registration, ECHA intends to further increase the transparency and provide to the registrants and the companies the opportunity to follow in the detail the process of evaluation of the dossier with regard to the completeness of the data and evaluation of proposals for testing. In addition, the registrants can now better understand the rationale behind each ECHA decision and be better prepared in the issuing of additional documentation to submit to Agency.

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