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ECO-AQUA is a student based company created by 24 students. This company's direct aim is to contribute to the solving water scarcity in our country, as well as our global region, the Middle East. Through the production of tanks that suppress alternative water sources -large quantities of rain- saving it for times of drought - a manufacturer of Fiber Glass Reinforced. Targeting product factories, plant nurseries, homes, hotels and restaurants, our product also aims to protect the environment through the vision and security that our students worked on and provided publicly using varied forms of media to raise awareness. 
This company not only cared for the distribution of its product, but also the effect it left behind in reference to the ultimate need to conserve and reduce the use of groundwater, and random unstructured sources. Furthermore, the existing studies, in addition to the desertification phenomenon, indicate that a liter of water will equal a liter of fuel in the near future. The product developed by ECOAQUA proved to be the best solution, and the most simple, for the use of rain water without compromising the groundwater which our Nation - Lebanon - is famous for through the rivers, springs, and natural water reservoirs located throughout the ground. ECO-AQUA tanks accommodate for up to 2,000 liters of rain water measuring (1.20x1.20x1.20) and 1-meter diameter repression. Through the initial stages of production, 40 individual tanks were produced, followed by a second production of another 40 tanks. Thanks to the proper execution of the initial marketing plan, all 40 pieces were sold, leading up to current events resulting in the compliance with the new marketing plan, Finally, it would be worth mentioning that our product will be fit for entering the Gulf Arabian market, as well as all of the region as originally planned, especially in the nations that suffer from lack of water.

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