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Aquaco Water Recycling Limited

Eco home in Brighton uses Greywater system


Courtesy of Aquaco Water Recycling Limited

Award winning eco home saves 100litres of water a day

Having attended a self-build course, Jackie and Alan employed DRP, a firm of Brighton architects which produced a design that specified a whole range of eco technologies and materials including a grey water recycling system provided by Aquaco.

Their new home achieved an 'Ecohomes' excellent standard thanks, in part, to water conservation measures including a water meter, dual flush toilets, rainwater harvesting and Aquaco's grey water recycling system. The grey water system takes wastewater from the bath and stores it in an underground tank outside. The grey water is treated with bromine tablets and when the dual flush toilet is flushed it draws grey water from the tank.

According to a case study provided by Eco Open Houses, the outcome is a rough combined water bills' total of less than £100 a year!

Eco Houses - Eco open houses in Brighton and Hove - a joint project Between Brighton Permaculture Trust, Low Carbon Trust and Brighton & Hove City Council

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