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Eco-iconic skyscrapers: review of new design approaches

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A plethora of contemporary tall building designs appear to lack genuine architecture for they employ eccentric forms to compete for attention and they poorly respond to their specific environment and the climate (Gang, 2008). However, this paper examines the emergence of a notable type of tall buildings, described as eco-iconic, which depart from purely image-driven structures, and emphasises functionality and energy efficiency - designated here as iconic. The paper reviews a number of green skyscrapers from various parts of the world. Findings suggest that a dynamic synergy among innovative green design strategies, new architectural languages and exciting aesthetics has constituted a trend that is more likely to prevail in the 21st Century.

Keywords: green design, tall buildings, energy efficiency, vertical farm, aesthetics, innovation, tall building design, eco-iconic buildings, functionality, green skyscrapers, sustainable design, architectural design

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