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The challenge

Given De Beers' commitment to environmental management of the Snap Lake Diamond mine, the selection of an on-site waste processing technology was critical.

During the construction of the mine, over 400 people lived and worked on the site. Once in operation the Camp population was reduced to approximately 260. According to best practices for remote northern locations, all food waste generated must be burned using a Two-stage camp waste incinerator. This procedure ensures that food waste will not become a source of Wildlife attraction to the camp area. An additional challenge is that the only access to bring In equipment is by winter road available for less than 2 Months of the year.

Our solution

After careful review and consideration de beers selected the ca model to be deployed to the snap lake mine to process the camp’s food and kitchen-related waste.

The ca model (ca-600) is designed with the most advanced control system currently available on a camp waste incinerator. To address the changing waste output oaf fluctuating workforce the ca model’s intermittent batch process allows for several small batches in 24 hours. The system and its building were factory assembled and knocked down for easy transport on the winter road. This also provided for straight-forward assembly using on-site personnel.

The results

Sustainable Waste Management

Processing the food waste on-site is a sound waste management approach That prevents animals from being attracted to the site, while producing Minimal air emissions.

Practical Waste Solution

The unit is fully automated so that extra staff are not required to oversee Operations. The machine is only required to be periodically loaded, Activated and cleaned out.


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