Eco waste solutions kauai veteran memorial hospital hawaii, USA


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The challenge

Kauai Veteran's Memorial Hospital in Hawaii was in need of an on-site medicalwaste disposal system that would address their disposal needs as well as theirlimited space constraints.

The location selected for the waste treatment systemwas in a highly visible outdoor courtyard surroundedby hospital rooms. The hospital required a solutionthat would destroy their medical waste and do so in anenvironmentally responsible manner. The system hadto operate without the smoke and odour, associated with other incinerators, due to it's close proximity tothe courtyard.

Our solution

The review engineers, scientists and U.S. EPA staff approved the Eco Waste Oxidizer (CA Model) as the solution that would appropriatelyaddress their waste disposal needs.

The hospital and authorities needed to ensure that people in the general vicinity of the unit would not be exposed to anypollution, toxic fumes or smoke. The CA Model was chosenafter passing critical reviews of it's environmental cleanlinessby California environmental health risk specialists.The system reduces waste volumes by over 90%, yieldinginert by products, recyclable ash, colourless and odourless exhaust.

The results

Environmental Protection

Provides environmentally responsible alternative to landfilling infectiousmedical waste.

Protection of Human Health

Eliminates dangerous pathogens that can be found in hospital wastematerial, which is an important step in preventing disease transmission.

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