Eco waste solutions voisey’s bay nickel mine


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The challenge

Vale Inco’s wholly-owned subsidiary Voisey's Bay Nickel Company (VBNC) is mining the largest nickel deposit in the world in Newfoundland Canada.

During the Construction and Operation Phases of the camp, waste from 250 to 700 people needed to be processed. This waste was largely generated by the kitchen and dining areas. Packaging waste (wood, cardboard and plastic) was also a concern. Storing waste on-site can attract wildlife. The mine area is known for black bears and polar bears. In addition to potential animal health effects that can arise from feeding on human garbage, the presence of these animals pose a risk to the safety of on-site workers.

Our solution

SNC Lavalin’ s BAE New plan group worked with VBNC to develop a sustainable and responsible waste management plan that included point-of need waste destruction.

Incineration was chosen as the preferred method of disposal for the camp waste which included food waste, packaging and some sewage sludges. The machine would be required to operate in extreme conditions, within a basic shelter, using Arctic Diesel fuel. Clean performance would be essential in order to uphold strict environmental conditions imposed on the mine. The procurement group awarded the contract to Labrador INNU Waste Management for the purchase of two Eco Waste Solutions units.

The results

Environmental Protection

Food is destroyed, preventing the attraction of animals. No smoke or odour is emitted during the processing of waste.

Operational Simplicity

Automated system design reduces labour requirements. Workers are free  to perform other tasks during the system’s operation.

On-site Waste Management Solution

The machines operate daily processing a wide variety of waste streams and reducing the movement of waste off-site for disposal or treatment


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