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Ecofriendly Alternative to Fight Grease Build-ups

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Grease traps or Grease interceptors capture the grease that goes down the kitchen drains. The simple fixture prevents slimy build up inside the drainpipes, which may result in choked drains and backflows. It is essential to cleanout these traps timely before the build up is too high to tackle. Properly maintained grease interceptors allow smooth operation of the drains by keeping the water flow unrestricted. These interceptors are also important to prevent grease build-ups in the private sewers/septic tanks of a household or building as well in the city sewage system.

All restaurants and food establishments where grease going down the drains is significantly higher should follow regulations that put a cap on the grease discharge concentrations in the city sewage system. Many regions put a ban on chemical treatments used to clean these traps. Many off-the-shelf grease-treating products include harmful chemicals, which may prove corrosive for the pipe framework and harm the environment too. Instead of chemical based cleaning agents it is advisable to choose environment friendly and biodegradable anti grease cleaners.

Home and food joint owners are always on a lookout for the effective methods to minimize pumping out or cleaning of grease blockages from the traps and drains. Some grease eating products available in the market offer the option of automatic timer pumps along with the product. These pumps are installed such that the grease eating liquid is directly injected inside the traps or septic tanks. The pumps may be timed according to the functioning schedules of the kitchens. The system prevents grease build-ups at source and prevents grease, fat, and oil deposits from re forming.

Eco friendly products prove to be economical in the end. Such environment friendly products are combination of favourable bacteria and enzymes. These components work together to act upon the fat deposits. The natural enzymes allow the favourable bacteria to cling to the food source until FOG's (fat, oil, and grease) are digested. Once the breeding ground of harmful bacteria is removed, favourable aerobic bacteria colonize the drains, traps, or septic tanks. Aerobic bacteria work faster and efficiently on the effluent giving out the by-products of water and carbon dioxide only. Regular addition of eco friendly grease eater in the drains and grease interception ensures that aerobic environment is maintained inside the pipe framework and solidified grease deposits never reappear. Moreover, rodents and insects do not inhabit the clean and free flowing sewage systems.

Hydra Grease-Eater system uses naturally occurring microbes to break down fat and grease completely. Regular treatment dose added either manually or through automated pumps ensures blockage free drains and fewer plumbing emergencies. The product also reduces the need of emptying the grease traps frequently

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