EcoloBlue Emergency A.C.E. Container - Water From Air

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At EcoloBlue, we are trying to raise awareness about our All Contained Emergency (A.C.E. Container) solution in a 40ft container. It is a self contained, powered, water generation, and bottling system (600 to 1000 260ml pouches per hour) that provides up to 2,000 liters of pure drinking water daily from the Humidity in the Air. EcoloBlue’s A.C.E. Container is designed for solutions such as on site emergency management at hospitals or large facilities, disaster relief, aid organization dispatch, and many others. We find that many people are not aware that such a solution exists. This is in addition to our full line of home/office units, industrial units and our plans for water stations that create up to millions of liters of water a day.

A.C.E. Container:

3 Types of Atmospheric Water Generators:

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