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Ecological checkout: a sustainable initiative in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil


Aiming to reduce environmental impacts caused by the inadequate disposal of packing residues, the 'Ecological check-out' was created in a supermarket in Curitiba, Brazil. Consumers were encouraged to: voluntarily discard plastic and/or paper involucres immediately after their purchases anticipating the packing disposal; bring their own bags, looking for the minimisation of plastic bags' use. A questionnaire was applied among 350 costumers, whose majority chose the 'Ecological check-out' as their first option. Nevertheless, interviews showed that social level or education degree were not automatically associated to consumer's environmental conduct. In 52 days, 3212 packing units were discarded.

Keywords: packing residues, urban solid waste management, ecological checkout, recycling, sustainability, ecological consciousness, environmental impact, supermarkets, sustainable development, packaging disposal, environmental behaviour

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