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Ecological purchase behaviour: insights from a Middle Eastern country

This study examined the influence of attitude towards environment and subjective norms on the ecological purchase intentions of Iranian consumers. The study subsequently investigated the influence of ecological purchase intentions on actual purchase behaviour of consumers and explored the key factors resulting in the lack of tendency for purchasing ecological products by Iranian consumers. Out of the three conjectured hypotheses, two were supported, which partially supported theory of reasoned action proposed by Ajzen and Fishbein (1980). Findings of the study revealed that the subjective norms significantly influenced ecological purchase intentions, which in turn significantly resulted in purchase behaviour. However, the influence of attitudes towards environment on ecological purchase intentions was not significant.

Keywords: ecological purchasing, Iran, attitude towards environment, ATE, subjective norms, ecological purchase intentions, ecological purchase behaviour, consumer attitudes, consumer intentions, consumer behaviour, ecological products, green products, theory of reasoned action

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