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Economic aspects of urban green space: a survey of perceptions and attitudes

Urban green space constitutes a crucial element of all cities. It affects the overall physical and built environment of the city, making cities attractive places not only to their own citizens, but also to external visitors and investment. In this respect, urban green space may have a role to play for economic development in terms of improving the quality of urban life, building a desirable 'city image' and advancing the position of the city in respect to its competitiveness. This article draws on a questionnaire survey conducted in 11 European cities in order to explore positions and perceptions with regard to urban green space. Emphasis is given to issues related to the economic aspects of urban green, including an evaluation of the demand for urban green and its importance for economic development. The survey explores attitudes towards alternative uses of urban green space and addresses the – critical for land use policy – issue of financing its provision, maintenance and expansion.

Keywords: public attitudes, economic development, European cities, green spaces, urban spaces, public perceptions, survey, land use

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