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Ecosystem-based management approaches for water-related infrastructure projects

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The Green Infrastructure approach refers to the natural or semi-natural systems that provide services for water resources management with equivalent or similar benefits to conventional (built) 'grey' water infrastructure. This guide addresses one of the main barriers to widespread adoption of Green Infrastructure (GI) solutions: a general lack of awareness of the solutions and associated cost benefits. The case studies in this guide provide examples of GI options that address water management challenges, while delivering a number of significant co-benefits. These include reafforestation and afforestation, wetland conservation and construction, levee setbacks, flood bypasses and coastal protection, as well as a number of urban oriented options such as green roofs and permeable pavements. The guide also includes an outline methodology for water management options assessment comprised of a number of steps relating to definition of development objectives, specification of investment portfolios, modelling of environmental outcomes and economic evaluation, cost-benefit analysis, as well as risk and uncertainty analysis.

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