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Ecowise Environmental is an environmental consultancy company that specialises in Field hydrology, as practitioners and trainers, Engineering Hydrology and Laboratory analytical and interpretive work. Ecowise has a staff of approximately 60 people and is wholly Australian owned as a subsidiary business of ACTEW Corporation.

Ecowise has broad experience across Australia as well as in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Africa, India, South Pacific Islands and New Zealand and other countries.

As a commercial environmental company, our field hydrology division has been operating in a competitive commercial environment for in excess of 10 years.

Our hydrology functions have enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Hydstra from its inception (our predecessor organisations commissioned HYDSYS/TS).

We rely heavily on Hydstra to provide products that enable us to efficiently conduct our hydrology business.

Hydstra as a computing product would not be possible if it were not for the burgeoning IT company's capacity to listen to its client base, they understand continuous improvement. Hydstra's business development record illustrates that the company is well focused on its core business - hydrology IT. This track record shows that they will be around for many years to come, providing the stability required for custodians of environmental archives such as Ecowise Environmental.

As with many Australian organisations Ecowise is the custodian of a sizeable data set. The existing configuration of Hydstra easily caters for our organisational size and any foreseeable growth. The open ended design architecture and fundamental building blocks employed in Hydstra have stood the test of time from early PC's and networks through to high speed networks and onto the thin client model.

This open design concept has allowed us the flexibility to tailor our operation of Hydstra to meet organisational and client needs. Ecowise makes extensive use of the capacity to operate Hydstra components in a 'BATCH Automation' mode.

These operations range from:

  • Network operational and archive status reporting.
  • Automatic faxing and email of Hydstra reports.
  • Routine downloading and interrogation of data loggers.
  • Conversion of raw data into Hydstra files.
  • Provision of data to clients via the Internet.
  • Production of client data CD's in spread sheet files

In the instances where a specific clients objective is not covered with the standard reporting tools, these tools can be used to produce outputs for further manipulation to meet client objectives. One of the great strengths of Hydstra is that whilst they provide an excellent broad range of common and specialised reporting tools, where specific needs aren't met there are sufficient reporting/exporting tools to enable the user to manipulate data into the required format.

Data security is an important consideration for our organisation. We make extensive use of the Hydstra integral security system. This allows us to provide access rights within the organisation that will ensure the integrity of client data. This is an aspect, which is often taken for granted, but our continued commercial success relies heavily on our ability to put in place effective process controls. We rely heavily on Hydstra in this area.

We have been very happy with the Hydstra change management approaches. In the last five years there have been some very significant issues in this area, Migration from DOS to windows, Implementation of 32bit operating systems, LAN improvements up to 100mbps and the introduction of fast Pentium family of processors.

Hydstra have managed to keep us on the leading edge side of technology with out pushing us to the bleeding edge. For some organisations the rate of change was faster than they liked whilst for others it was slower than desired, a difficult middle ground to find. The focus has always been on robust development and implementation of applicable technology. As a system under a process of continuous development it is inevitable that problems arise. This situation has usually been met with a responsible and responsive approach - there is an excellent client and product integrity focus.

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