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ECSMGE CONFERENCE 2015: Managing the Clogging of Groundwater Wells

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This is the poster or summary of a paper being presented at the XVI ECSMGE  - European Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering - in Edinburgh from 13th to 17th September 2015. Groundwater wells are common to many civil engineering projects and their operational performance can play a crucial role. The wells may be part of a construction dewatering system, pump water for open loop geothermal systems or form alternative water supplies for buildings and facilities. Whatever the application, the specific capacity must be optimised and high levels of operational efficiency and service availability achieved.

The paper describes the principal mechanisms resulting in clogging and encrustation of water wells. Best practice methodologies to predict, diagnose and remove mineral, chemical or bacterial clogging are outlined and the benefits of a planned maintenance programme discussed. Supporting case studies with geothermal, construction dewatering and water supply applications are presented as well as guidance on borehole rehabilitation treatment programmes to remove and control the existing encrustation and clogging deposits.

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