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Editorial: Towards progress in industrial ecology

This contribution introduces the vision, aims and scope of our new journal, Progress in Industrial Ecology: An International Journal. We introduce the seventeen papers of this 'massive' triple issue – the first issue of the new journal – as well as discussing their connections and shared messages in making progress in the transition towards a more sustainable global society. Our vision for this new journal is to bridge the material and energy flow analysis and studies of industrial ecology to business, management and organisational studies, including the now established discipline of corporate environmental management. This journal aims to contribute not only to the ecological, but also to the social, cultural and economic dimensions of industrial ecology. Thus, we hope to make a significant contribution towards these interdependent and very important dimensions of sustainable development. Following our discussion of the papers, which are presented in four sections, and our attempt to bridge their joint message, we arrive at conclusions at the end of each section. Based on these observations, we hope the researchers in the field and also in other related fields are able to expand and define more explicit themes for a research agenda for our journal. Finally, we are keen for you our readers to participate and contribute to the development of this journal, that will potentially produce very innovative ideas for ensuring progress in industrial ecology, and we also outline avenues for you to do so.

Keywords: industrial ecology, sustainable development, progress in industrial ecology

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