Education, regulations to drive green innovation

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“Green washing,” politics and changing regulations are hot button issues for the green industry, experts said during a Daily Transcript executive roundtable.

With many companies claiming to offer “green” products and no central source of regulated information, consumers are often left with little information.

The California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE) recently hosted a consumer roundtable to help homeowners interested in remodeling and energy-efficiency retrofits, said Siobhan Foley, director of education and research for CCSE.

“The resounding refrain was they don’t know who to trust when people are trying to sell them something,” Foley said. “It’s very complicated for them to distill what’s right. I think it’s really tough to be a consumer in this marketplace.”

In coming years, new regulations will require millions of products to be labeled, said Robert Christie, president and CEO of 3E Co. Such labels, including information about a product’s waste, transportation and carbon footprint, are already required in Europe.

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