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EDUR Multiphase Pumps for energy-efficient water and wastewater treatment


Multiphase pumps are unique products with outstanding features compared to conventional centrifugal pumps. The approach consists of using the pumps not only for transport of liquids but also for partial gas supply and as dynamic mixer for gas enrichment.

Therefore this novel pump conception barely has something in common with a standard pump. Even the mode of operation does no longer comply with the common doctrine: the multiphase pumps are slightly throttled at the inlet side, in order to get automatically sucked in gas contents.

With standard centrifugal pumps this inevitably would result in cavitation. Multiphase pumps are suitable for many processes. Gassing liquids that also need to be handled by pumps occur in many applications.

A large market segment is the water and waste water treatment by means of dissolved air flotation where the multiphase pumps provide the task of air saturation without the use of compressed air.

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