EEA environmental statement 2005


Courtesy of European Environment Agency (EEA)

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This publication is the EEA’s first environmental statement. It lays down our environmental policy and describes our performance. It will be followed by yearly updates plotting the progress and the effectiveness of our efforts.

Long journeys start with small steps. Very early on in the life of the Agency we introduced two kinds of waste bins: blue for paper recycling and black for other household waste. In the canteen we introduced a third bin for organic kitchen waste. In addition, we took steps to ensure that the food on offer was not only healthy and nutritious, but locally grown and where possible, organic. Our next step was to introduce separate collections of batteries, bottles, cardboard, electronic equipment, toner cartridges and chemicals. To process all waste, we selected environmentally certified waste companies, and when contracting other services we kept an eye on the environmental quality of the products and services being purchased.

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