EEB priorities for the EU in 2008


Courtesy of European Environmental Bureau

The German Presidency aims to initiate negotiations for a Treaty revision in June 2007 to replace the Constitutional Treaty that was refused in two of the four referendums that were held in the EU in 2005. Its aim is to finalize these
negotiations quickly, but it is quite possible that they will go in 2008.

The EEB calls upon the 2008 Presidencies to build on the strong environmental and sustainable development dimensions of the existing Treaties, and to strengthen democracy, transparency and public participation in the new text. On top of that, it would like to raise two issues where the developments in the last few years justify new initiatives. More precisely the EEB calls for:

  • Sustainable Development to remain key objective of the EU.
  • Article 6 of the EC Treaty, on integration of environmental policy making in all EU policies, to retain its prominent place.
  • No weakening of the Environment Chapter (articles 174-176 of the EC Treaty), nor in content, nor in legal status.

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