EEB`s Priorities 2007


Courtesy of European Environmental Bureau

The EEB is calling upon the two 2007 Presidencies and the Commission to ensure that, in 2007, environmental problems and environmental policies will receive the attention that they deserve. This year is following one in which a new Sustainable Development Strategy has been agreed, a review on the 6th EAP has been held, and a crucial piece for better protection of people’s health and environment, REACH, has been finalised. Furthermore, several Thematic Strategies have launched new policy initiatives, in particular the review of several pieces of existing EU legislation. Therefore, for the EEB an important demand to the Commission and the two Presidencies is to ensure that these reviews will lead to a strengthening of the implementation of EU’s environmental obligations, commitments and ambitions and help closing the painful gap in achieving agreed objectives.

The Spring Council of 2007 will have to accommodate in its work the new Sustainable Development Strategy. We would like to see the conclusions and commitments laid down in this Strategy reflected in the decisions the Spring Council is going to take to further the Lisbon agenda.

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