EEB Work Programme 2006


Courtesy of European Environmental Bureau

In the 2005 Work programme we wrote:

“The EU of the coming years will be different from the past. The enlargement with 10 new Member-states will reflect in the composition of the EU Institutions and inevitably complicate further decision-making. The enlargement will renew the discussion about more subsidiarity and less detailed EU legislation […].

The political climate at the moment is not good for environmentally sustainable development. It is clear that, given the advanced integration of the economies of the EU, and the globalisation taking place, that EU leadership and agenda-setting is essential. However, we see that sustainable development is more and more redefined in terms of competitiveness. And rather than giving more guidance to the economy, there is a strong plea for deregulation. On the other hand, mobilising the market for the environment is complicated because taxation and subsidy policies are seen by many governments as issues of national sovereignty, making it difficult to come to EU wide change...'

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