EEI's Efforts in Helping to Re-build Hurricanes Katrina & Rita Affected Zones


Courtesy of Enviro-Equipment, Inc.

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Dear Environmental Professionals,

Hurricanes Katrina & Rita left nothing but destruction in several southern states. We understand the hard work that many of you will face when you travel to these areas to help with the environmental cleanup. Enviro-Equipment, Inc. is here to offer you the right equipment to do it.

We have the right equipment, at the right price, with superior service to help you get your job done. Our equipment inventory includes Water Quality Instruments, Organic Vapor Analyzers, Gas Detection Meters, Indoor Air Quality and Industrial Hygiene, Water Pumps, Generators and Remediation Pilot Test Units. We offer a huge inventory of Used Remediation Equipment such as: Used air compressors and air sparging compressors/blowers · Used strippers and oil /water separators · Used granulated activated carbon, FRP and steel carbon vessels · Used Thermal Oxidizers · Used vapor extraction and dual phase extraction equipment

We are offering for a limited time only 20% off on any Rental or Sampling supplies .

Please find attached the coupons so you can take advantage of this promotion.(*)

* To redeem your coupon please contact us at 1 888-274-8128 or 1 888-274-8929.

Coupon code: KATRITAFX

  • May only be used once
  • May not be combined with any other offer.
  • Valid through 12/31/05
  • Offer not valid for Proactive Pumps

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