EFAS Bulletins Yearbook 2006


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During the year 2006 great progress was made regarding the European Flood Alert System EFAS. The number of official EFAS partners with an MoU in place rose to 22 at the end of the year.

Measuring EFAS skill in terms of EFAS external information reports and their hit rate the year 2006 was very successful as ca. 75% of all sent reports forecasted events well and with a considerable leadtime. Observed event magnitude was not always as high as forecasted, as most extreme alerts turned out to be critical river levels but without bank overtopping or large scale flooding. The feedback following the EFAS information reports underlined the added value that EFAS reports can have for the national forecasting services, which in great part confirmed that the reports were useful and appreciated. Even in the case of a false alarm the effect of EFAS alerts were not perceived as adverse. This goes in line with the concept that EFAS is an early warning system that is supposed to raise early preparedness, and which gives additional information on possible flood events. The detailed short term forecasts of the respective forecasting centers can use this early information to be more prepared but they will always be the ones that make the more detailed forecasts at shorter leadtimes. In this sense EFAS was seen as a source of useful complementary information.

The EFAS bulletin yearbook contains an EFAS alert overview of the year 2006 as well as all EFAS bulletins of 2006.

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