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Efb Juice/Ffb Juice/Pome Treatment Plant (Industrial Process Waste Water) – Malaysia


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Implementing state-of-art wastewater treatment methodologies for Palm oil Waste Waster in Malaysia and bring that to Discharge Standard Level.


Wastewater Treatment of 350 MT EFB Juice/Day having characteristics 6% Oil, 15 – 20% Fibers and 2 – 3% Solids Consistency and Energy Production in the form of methane rich Biogas.


  • Three-phase (oil, water & fibres) separation
  • Two-stage Anaerobic Treatment
  • Methane-rich biogas generation and collection, moisture removal, pressurization and scrubbing
  • Aerobic Treatment through MBR system
  • Sludge handling & treatment


  • Consistent treatment of effluents to meet the discharge standards as BOD < 50 ppm, COD < 200 ppm, TSS < 100 ppm, Oil & Grease < 10 ppm
  • Ability to leverage biogas benefits with the potential to cut down fuel consumption by upto 70%.

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