Effect of global warming on soil and land resources in Bangladesh

Bangladesh scientists believe that because of sea level rise coastal Bangladesh has already experienced severe impacts especially in terms of area of inundation and erosion, saline intrusion, deforestation, loss of bio-diversity and agriculture in addition to large scale migration. About 1.02 million hectares of arable land is already affected by varying degrees of salinity, 0.7 million hectares affected by waterlogging and 0.6 million hectares of crop land affected by acidification in the country. Influenced by global warming changing pattern of temperature, rainfall and evapo-transpiration indicate major changes in agriculture. Nearly all forms of global environmental degradation are adversely affecting food production. Soil erosion, waterlogging and salinity are slowly undermining the productivity of crop land. Any setback in output in agriculture sector and related sub-sectors would endanger the food security of Bangladesh.

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