Effective Industrial Dust Collector Strategies


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Finding the correct type of industrial dust collector for the grinding section is a must for opposing an injection mold creating shop. This is vital for health and welfare of workers and for the performance of grinding machines. Dusts produced from electrodes are graphite and copperand during the milling or grinding operation, these needs to be filtered away from the atmosphere with an industrial dust collector.

Vacuuming Is Not Enough

Using only a portable vacuum is never enough, as this machine is not the best when it comes to thoroughly cleaning the air. It just recirculates the filthy air back into the atmosphere. When it comes to limited applications, dust collectors can handle such jobs and applications, such as individual milling machine or surface grinder.

Copper and Graphite

Copper dust irritates the eyes, mouth and nose and can even cause dizziness, diarrhea and nausea. Heavy exposure to copper dust is hazardous and should be avoided. Graphite dust is like copper dust and causes irritation to the eyes, skin, mouth and nose. It is also irritating to the body, as it is also non-carcinogenic. It is very harsh and can ruin parts of expensive machinery. This is where an industrial dust collector comes in to collect the dust, which always arises from jobs like steel grinding.

Negative Chamber

The majority of mold shops use high-speed machining centers in order to create EDM electrodes. These machines come complete with a negative chamber, which is responsible to surround the work and spindle area. The function of this chamber is to keep dust away from the shop, as it sends it into the attached storage part to be disposed. The machine is aimed to eliminate the dust.

EDM Accessory

The entire accessory that is holding the electrodes is completely free of dust. This makes it last longer and function brilliantly, and also saves on carbide end grinder and addition wear.

If the tool and die or die mold shop uses a jig mill, a dust collection system must be in place. This will protect both the setting and workers and comply with the health and safety rules for employees.

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