Effective monitoring improves sewage flow management case study

SmartScan 50 introduces an effective solution for flow measurement of sewage water in one of Poland's municipal waste water treatment plant.

The city of Zblewo, Poland provides waste water treatment services to its inhabitants. The plant sought an ultrasonic measurement solution for monitoring the raw sewage flow during the treatment process.

The problems

When entering the gates of the waste water treatment plant, the raw sewage is conveyed through several filters in order to separate large pieces of debris from the fluid. The dirt free fluid is streamed-on to the clarifiers' tanks and then to the disinfection vessels for further cleaning. Waste water treatment plants usually use Parshall Flume type of open channel to identify the amount of sewage fluid that passes between the entry filters and the clarifiers.

The Zblewo treatment plant sought a measurement device that would provide them with accurate and continuous readings of the sewage flow in the flume. There are several aspects that should be taken in consideration when measuring sewage flow in an open channel using an ultrasonic measurement device. The device should endure the wet environment and the changing weather conditions. Additionally, it should be fast enough to produce accurate measurement results of the flow. Lastly, the collected data should contain daily highs and lows levels of the fluid in the flume.

The solution

After assessing several options, the Zblewo plant decided to install one unit of SmartScan 50. SmartScan 50 ultrasonic level measurement device incorporates nine different types of predefined flumes and weirs and can also be defined to measure customized open channel.

The sensor was positioned above a 6-inch Parshall flume located between the entry filters and clarifiers' tanks and the SmartScan 50 electronics was placed in a grating house. Its robust design enables the SmartScan 50' sensor to efficiently cope with the changing weather conditions. Moreover, the sensor's IP67 rating assures it's resilience with the wet environment of the flume. The SmartScan 50 LCD display provides on-board flow measurement results continuously. It also shows total accumulative flow measurement updated every 30 seconds.


The SmartScan 50 installation improved the sewage stream management in Zblewo plant by providing flow measurements results continuously and accurately. The plant can now monitor the raw sewage path and obtain updated knowledge of the sewage level at each spot from beginning to end.

The SmartScan 50 has a measuring range of up to 12 m' (39 ft) with 0.2% accuracy. Additionally, the SmartScan 50 offers connectivity to five SPDT relays for improved management of pumps and alarms in treatment plants.

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