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Effective policy framework for the promotion of 3R technology transfer

Growing waste volume and diversity in Asia, opens an array of 3R business opportunities, mainly in the recycling sector. To establish waste economy, developing Asian countries require appropriate reduce, reuse, recycle (3R) technologies, thus technology transfer from developed to developing Asia. National policy governance of the host countries, play an important role for technology leapfrogging by transferring already proven technologies. Success of technology transfer depends on the facilitative or constraining roles of national policies. The analysis shows that along with opportunities, technology transfer in Asian countries is constrained with socio–economic, institutional and policy barriers. There is hence a need for policy frameworks that correct these barriers and support the transfer process and progress of the technology across borders. Regulatory measures for promotion of 3Rs, provision of economic incentives, facilitative financial mechanisms, removing trade related barriers and effective partnership with relevant stakeholders are some of the essential policy needs for successful 3R technology transfer.

Keywords: 3R, technology transfer, technology leapfrogging, policy framework, reduce, reuse, recycle, recycling, solid waste management, waste disposal

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