Effective TOC Reduction through ASMR Advanced Reactor Process


Reactor ASMR-C-US-UV-ozone-40g
ASMR Ultraviolet, ultrasonic and ozone technology is successfully used in these industries for disinfection removing pathogen micro-organisms.

The common application for this is disinfection, but the technology is also used for TOC reduction, ozone destruction and chlorine/chloramines destruction.

ASMR are designed and built to meet the stringent needs of the Food and Beverage industry.

All our products have Ra-15 contact finish which gives them stain and bacteria resistant surfaces.

These standard features are often necessary, and are offered as options by our competitors. In addition, our products are compact and energy efficient.

Stage 1: Ozone gas will be injected under ultrasonic cavitation by special developed Ozone /us chamber to oxidized all pollutants in water and kill bacteria, Viruses, moulds, reduce Algae.

Stage 2: ASMR is using 2 types of UV rays in our reactors
185 nm Philips UV rays will remove Total organics content (reduce TOC) and also reduce Algae production.
254 nm Phillip rays will kill bacteria, Viruses, moulds without any chemical added.

Stage 3:During the whole process the treated water will be exposed to high cavitation with range of special ultrasound wave settings enhancing the results by reducing/removing fouling on lamps and chamber assisting in destroying bacteria, viruses, moulds, spores, fungi, E.coli, phosphate, ammonia, nitrate/nitrite and more.


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