Efficiency boost with balers


Courtesy of Bramidan Balers

Ceva Logistics at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, Holland, offers logistics services to a wide range of sectors, such as the automotive industry, high-tech and electronics companies and customers within consumer goods/retail and publishing.

It is always busy in the company’s 8,000 m2 premises, where huge quantities of products and goods arrive daily for repacking and further distribution to their final destinations, leaving many tons of plastic film, cardboard and EPS waste in their wake. Removing and disposing of this waste is a constant challenge, as it can quickly get in the way of an operation that relies on speed and efficiency.

Impressed by baler
On the advice of their waste collector and in consultation with Bramidan, Ceva first leased an X30 baler for its plastic film. Facility manager Tim Man was immediately impressed.

“We were very pleased with the baler. It reduced the volume of waste immediately and made it easy to store and transport our waste away. Moreover, the warehouse instantly looked tidier,” he says.

The successful experience made it easy for Ceva to take the step to a B16 baler for cardboard, followed by a third machine for compacting EPS, which is used for “airplane boards”, which are large EPS boards that are used to cover and protect many of the goods transported by air.

Today, the company itself transports 3.5 tons of cardboard and 0.5 tons of plastic foil in high density bales every two weeks.

“The presses only have advantages for us”, continues Tim Man. “They are ideal. You put waste in and the machine does the rest. We have been able to get rid of the expensive individual containers and spend much less time transporting the waste away. There are economical benefits too as the proceeds from the recyclable cardboard and plastic pay the leasing costs for the balers completely. It is also environmentally friendly. In short, we’re extremely pleased with it.”

About Ceva
Ceva is a global logistics and supply chain company. The Dutch branches were previously called TNT Logistics. The company designs, implements and operates complex supply chain solutions for medium to large companies. The emphasis is on market segments such as the car industry, tyres, hi-tech and electronics, industry, consumer goods/retail, publishing and media. Ceva is active in more than one hundred countries and has more than 50,000 employees. Two hundred people work at the Schiphol branch.

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