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Efficient monitoring of glucose level case study


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MonoScan provides an efficient monitoring of glucose level in as leading jam manufacturers.

The manufacturing is based on grapes to produce jams, confiture and related products for the food industry. The company sought an ultrasonic level measurement solution that will improve monitoring over the glucose level in the storage tanks and reduce costs throughout the plant.

The problems

The plant uses glucose as a sweetener for its entire products line. The glucose is stored in closed stainless steel tanks and is being refilled every couple of days depending on the consumption pace. The tank is about 4m (13 ft) high and can contain up to 14 tons of glucose. Being sensitive to contamination caused by bacteria, it's highly important to keep the food production hygienic and therefore to eliminate any possible contact with external elements.

Since the glucose is a viscous substance, it is necessary to keep it warm to enable its flow through the emptying pipe. To keep the glucose in a liquid state it is warmed to a temperature of around 50-60C (122-140F), using heating coils located at the tank's bottom. These heating coils often cause an acoustic disruption to the ultrasonic wave, resulting inaccurate readings.

In addition, the high temperature causes the environment inside the tank to be vaporous and sticky. Occasionally, sticky vapors create droplets on the ultrasonic sensor and interfere with the measurement process.

The solution

The plant decided to install a MonoScan unit over one of the glucose storage tanks. The MonoScan unit was installed on the tank's top in a manhole. Since the MonoScan operating temperature is up to 70C (158F) it can easily cope with the hot environment inside the tank. Moreover, the MonoScan sensor's ECTFE coating repels the sticky vapors and thus prevents condensation of droplets on the sensor's surface. In addition, being a non-contact ultrasonic gauge, MonoScan prevents contamination and possible bacteria buildup on its sensor.

MonoScan is equipped with a sophisticated software feature, to overcome acoustic noises and obstacles inside the tank, such as heating coils and other elements.

To enable the plant's engineers to obtain the measurement results of the glucose level in the tank, the MonoScan was connected to the control desk via 4-20mA. In addition, these results can be viewed on its LCD display.


The MonoScan unit provides the plant's engineers enhanced monitoring over the glucose level in the storing tank, enabling accurate and updated measurement results continuously.

Moreover, this data saves costs while preventing product's lacking or overspill. MonoScan L is an ultrasonic, non contact level gauge suitable for liquid applications with ranges of up to 15m (16.4ft), and it is available in both short range and standard range models.

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