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Effluent Treatment Plant (Distillery Effluent) Distillers Ltd, Trinidad.


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Treating most stringent molasses based distillery effluent to discharge standard in Carebbian Region.

A waste water treatment project for a Distillery in Caribbean region where W.O.G Group will be treating most stringent molasses based distillery effluent, as per local’s discharge norms.


  • Treatment of stringent effluent generated by Molasses based distillery, having effluent characteristics as - COD: 120,000 ppm, BOD: 80000 ppm, TSS: 17000 ppm
  • Major space constraint


  • Two Stage Anaerobic Treatment
  • Activated Sludge Treatment
  • Clarification
  • Physio- Chemical treatment
  • Filtration

Treatment process will achieve waste water as per local discharge standards i.e. COD < 250 ppm, BOD < 30 ppm and TSS < 20 ppm. W.O.G has proposed construction material for tanks as ‘Glass Fused to Steel’.


  • Energy: The use of the anaerobic digester as a pre-treatment before the Activated sludge treatment will significantly reduce the power consumption, as there is no requirement for aeration.
  • Space: Anaerobic digester reduces the space requirement by reducing the aeration tank sizes.
  • Sludge generation: Anaerobic treatment process converts COD to biogas which results in less sludge generation.
  • Chemical consumption: Since sludge generated is less with our offered system therefore polyelectrolyte requirement for de-watering sludge also get automatically reduced.
  • Biogas for Boilers: Methane rich biogas will be produced during anaerobic digestion which can be utilized as a source of energy or as a fuel to boilers.

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