EH&S Performance Management

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The greatest challenge currently facing global environment, health, and safety (EH&S) managers is not defining strategy,
but implementing it successfully. Growing stakeholder demands for greater corporate governance and operational transparency, along with increasing market pressure to reduce costs and associated risks, have heightened this challenge.  As a result, corporations are asking important questions about their existing performance management strategies:

1. Are we doing the right things? Is our EH&S strategy driven by key stakeholders (e.g., shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, regulators, and the local community) and tightly aligned to the organization’s business strategy at all levels?

2. Are we doing the right things right? Are our EH&S initiatives and processes automated to achieve that strategy and in a timely fashion?

3. Are we ensuring sustainable performance? Does our company have the necessary systems, framework, technology, and culture in place to sustain an EH&S business advantage in the long term? Are our data accurate, timely, comparable, and cost-effective to collect?

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