Eight steps to selecting health & safety software


Courtesy of Spiramid, LLC

There  are  hundreds  of  H&S  software  applications  available  today.   Choosing the one that can best address your needs can be a difficult  process.  Over the past 17 years, we at Spiramid have seen a variety  of procedures used to select software.  Some have worked brilliantly,  while others resulted in exorbitant costs and requirements never being  met.  The purpose of the article is to guide you through the selection  process;  i.e.  to  select  the  one  that  meets  your  budget and  requirements.  We have distilled the process down into the following  eight crucial steps:

  1. Define needs and justification
  2. Establish and prioritize requirements  
  3. Establish budget and acquire approval
  4. Determine potential solutions
  5. Develop RFI
  6. Select a short list
  7. Vendor demonstration and selection
  8. Purchase

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