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Eight tips to reduce tire wear


1, the air pressure to compliance

Driver in accordance with the provisions of the depot to the tire inflation. When the tire pressure is lower than the standard value, the wear of the tire shoulder increases sharply, due to the decrease in the ground contact area of the tire when the tire pressure is higher than the standard value, the unit pressure increased, so that the tire tread central increased wear, while increasing the tire rigidity. dynamic load load increases, the�wheel rim�are prone carcass burst.

2, tread no cracks

Regularly check the tire surface cracks, deformation and other defects. Tire groove travel wear faded, the polished will lose drainage non-slip, the car of the performance will be greatly reduced, while seemingly small crack high speed flat tire hazard. Moreover, you should pay attention to the timely removal of the groove in the gravel.

3, Parking election plains

To avoid the vehicle parked in the coarse, sharp or sharp stones on the road. Vehicles do not park close to or in contact with petroleum products, acids, and other places affect the the rubber deterioration of materials. The driver must not stop after turning the�steering wheel rim, this operation will accelerate tire wear.

4, the heat do not splashing

Easily overheated when the tire driving or high speed a long time in summer, while increased pressure. You should stop cooling, non deflated buck or splashing water cooling.

5, to avoid braking

Started can not be too much force to avoid frequent use of the brakes and the emergency brake to avoid accelerated tread wear due to the drag of the tire and the ground; turning the car will overtake when a lot through the intersection, narrow road, railway crossing, should have the appropriate speed and to pay attention to the road, pedestrians, vehicle dynamic brake ready to do a good job to reduce the frequent brake to avoid the emergency brake, thereby reducing tire wear; broken glass face can not be avoided, to reduce speed by, do not slam the brakes because the brakes causing the pressure increases, the glass fragments easier to tie into the tire.

6, choose a good pavement

Highway repair and construction sites and driving the application of low-speed amble choose the road of the way through, to avoid tire subjected to excessive crashing even stabbed or scratched; driving on uneven roads, one should choose the road to reduce tire and road crashing, avoid parts and tire damage; Second, to reduce speed to be put on hold to avoid the tire bumps and strong vibrations; through muddy lots, should choose a more solid, does not slip through the place, so as not to tire subsidence situ idling, intense heat caused The tire sidewall serious cuts, scratches.

7, control vehicle speed

Vehicle turns should bend the road, turning radius, generally appropriate deceleration to avoid tire wear due to the inertia force and the centrifugal force, acceleration unilateral; downhill should be based on the slope of the size, length and road conditions, to control the appropriate speed avoid little use of the emergency brake, reduce tire wear; parking and�vehicles rim�on the way to the station parking should develop safe taxiing habits.

8, ground to check the spare tire

Tire maintenance and use, and do not forget the most important one tire - spare tire. Spare tire manufacturers with, but often forgotten by the owners lack of maintenance. Recommended every 3 months regularly check the spare tire, if necessary, to give it inflated, so as not only to find when you need it, it is flat.

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